I have been working for a while on masking lots of useless (to normal/casual users of mIRC) that appear during the connection process and have been largely sucessful in this endevour with lots of haltdef commands.

One message, however, appears to be unmaskable, and appear to originate from within the mIRC client itself (I guess).

It is the (in green text) 'Local host:<your local host name>' followed by your external IP address inside brackets.

It appears between 'End of message of the day.' (raw 376) and 'There are nnn users and nnn invisible on n servers' (raw 251).

I have checked /debug output files and cannot find any trace of this message, therefore, I assume that mIRC is generating it having harvested the host info from the (in this case InspIRC 2.0 server daemon)
'NOTICE Auth :*** Looking up your hostname...'
NOTICE Auth :*** Found your hostname (<your hostname>)
pairing at the actual registration/ident section at the start of the connection.

Is there any way to capture and mask this message ?

As an extra, can I ask where/how mIRC is working out the external IP address when it cant see it, only seeing my internal (private lan) IP address ?

Oops, another extra please. When exactly does On Connect operate ?
I used to think it was after the user counts section (raw 251-255, 265, 266 and 396) of the registration process (before you do anything with nickserv etc.), but recently realised that my script is auto authenticating my nick before the On Connect section of my script 'kicks in'.

I would be greatful for any help on this/these matters.