Tiago: Your first goal is to stop worrying about the Favorites auto-join option, since the same behavior considerations must also be made for [re]connect [re]joins, which supersedes Favorites autojoin. So we're not talking about Favorites anymore in this thread, we're talking about all connect/reconnect server-j_join/favjoin/rejoins. 100% detached from Favorites or any options toggled within Favorites.

Secondly, there are 4 or 5 or 6 different usermode +r alternatives, so $usermodes is a non-starter.

Nickname and Channel services are almost entirely a non-anti-unstandard in IRC, with the only exception being SASL auth, and pseudo-standard PASS auth, and defacto-standard /NICKSERV auth. You will never find an acceptable IsAuth solution until a standard is both proposed and adopted, which has not happened.

Khaled: I am personally fine with subjecting everybody to a 3 second delay in auto joining channels. There is scarcely a situation where sync time is terribly less then that anyway, and it may play out that all IRC channels benefit from a less aggressive connect_join time where users are experiencing crap-tastic connection drops, send_q flooding, or delayed oper k-lines and proxy detection bans. Less channel flooding as people join/quit/join/quit mere seconds apart. Certainly, we would see a drop in "Quit: Logged In" or "Quit: Changing Vhost" style [fake/virtual] quit messages from people authenticating late.

I would encourage all clients to add a 3 second delay between 001...005 or 376 and auto-[re]joins. (reset the 3 second timer for each matching numeric encountered)

Well. At least I won lunch.
Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like!