In order to help everyone else who needs it also, i made a VERY SHORT info about the "JUST THE ENOUGH YOU NEED" for play multiple samples:

- Put both .dll files on your script folder (fmod.dll and fmod_mIRC.dll)
- Add on your script these lines:

on *:start: {
fmod FMOD_Connect $scriptdirfmod.dll
fmod SOUND_Init 44100 64 0
on *:unload: dll -u $scriptdirfmod_mIRC.dll
alias fmod return $dll($scriptdirfmod_mIRC.dll,$1,$2-)

- Now all you need to do is: First, load all your .wav files into samples like this:
fmod SOUND_Sample_Load <SAMPLE ID> $qt(FILENAME) <LOOP> $file(FILENAME).size
* <LOOP> is: 1 - no loop. 2 - Loop after ending. 4 - Play reverse after ending.

Example (loading 5 files)

fmod SOUND_Sample_Load 0 $qt(C:\Sound1.wav) 1 $file(C:\Sound1.wav).size
fmod SOUND_Sample_Load 1 $qt(C:\Sound2.wav) 1 $file(C:\Sound2.wav).size
fmod SOUND_Sample_Load 2 $qt(C:\Sound3.wav) 1 $file(C:\Sound3.wav).size
fmod SOUND_Sample_Load 3 $qt(C:\Sound4.wav) 1 $file(C:\Sound4.wav).size
fmod SOUND_Sample_Load 4 $qt(C:\Sound5.wav) 1 $file(C:\Sound5.wav).size

Now, play the sound with:

* If you dont specify a CHANNEL, it will set in the CHANNEL 0. If you specify -1 as CHANNEL, it will put in the first free channel found.
* If you try to play differ samples at the SAME CHANNEL, it will stop the preview SAMPLE to play the new one. So, the best and simple
* way on playing ANY sample without stoping any current playing sample is using -1 as CHANNEL.

Example playing 2 differ files at the same time (need to specify differ channels or -1)

fmod SOUND_PlaySound 0 0
fmod SOUND_PlaySound 1 1


fmod SOUND_PlaySound 0 -1
fmod SOUND_PlaySound 1 -1

For stop a current playing sample, just use


Theres a lot of resources you can find on the fmod_mIRC.txt but these ones is just enough for the basic about playing multiple .wav files

I hope you enjoy =)

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