I was sent a link to this thread by a friend who I was talking to regarding problems with mIRC taking up an entire core of processing power and freezing whenever i reconnect to ZNC.

I tried disabling the "Online Timer" and it seemed to help some what, but I noticed that another time mIRC seems to take up an unreasonable amount of processing power is when it cannot connect to a server and retries the connection every X seconds. For some reason this slows things down a lot. Usually that's only the case for me when either my internet connection dies, or I was connected to a network listed in the default mIRC options through my personal bouncer, and a disconnect occurs, and mIRC begins attempting to connect to the address listed in the default options for that network at the wrong port (the port of my bouncer), instead of my bouncer's address. I realize I can put my bouncer as a server in the options though.

Just wanted to add my observations in hopes of improving the software for the following versions.

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