Neither of them were checked.

At one point, I had thought that it could be unusual ASCII characters causing it, because a couple of different times I noticed such characters in the debug window when it would crash. However, I've also seen it NOT crash when such characters would be used, so I doubt that's the issue.

There doesn't appear to be any noticeable pattern to what causes the crash. There have been times when it goes for several hours with no issues (with one or more channels being active) to crashing for no apparent reason when there is no activity in any of the channels. It is usually when there is activity that it crashes though, and I've had it crash within minutes of restarting it.

My hope with the provided scripts was you would spot something that would give you an idea and have it magically be the issue. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking. Still, if the issue finally happens for you, then there is a much better chance of it being figured out sooner rather than later.