Fixed it. Not sure on the TribalWar, too lazy too connect and grab the $network. You can connect too it and enter: //echo -a $network

on *:start:{
  server -m

on *:connect:{
  if ($network == TribalWar) {
    msg nickserv identify mypassword
    join #bwa,#gosu,#tribes
  elseif ($network == QuakeNet) { 
    join #titanfall,#titanfall.pug

if ($network == {

That is just wrong. is a $server, not a $network. It can be one of many servers, so using something like that is rather specific if the network has multiple servers. Best too use $network.

Same issue as above, but some extra.
elseif ($network == {
server -j #titanfall,#titanfall.pug

Even if you had the correct $network, you would just throw yourself into a disconnect/connect loop, since you are telling mIRC to connect to quakenet again while its already trying too connect.

/help $server
/help $network