Hi guys,

Here's my scripts; however, I can't seem to get quakenet to load the titanfall channels. It always loads the tribalwar channels instead.

Also, since I only have a registered/auth'd nick on tribalwar, I tried doing a perform on just tribalwar.com, but that network isn't one of the options. It's either all networks, or just the ones listed. I'm using the latest version of mirc.

on *:START:{
server irc.tribalwar.com
server -m irc.quakenet.org

on *:CONNECT:{
if ($network == irc.tribalwar.net) {
/msg nickserv identify mypassword
join #bwa,#gosu,#tribes
elseif ($network == irc.quakenet.org) {
server irc.quakenet.org -j #titanfall,#titanfall.pug

Thanks in advance for your time.

it doesn't seem to matter if i use join #channels or -j #channels; I've tried them both ways, they still don't connect to the proper quakenet channels.

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