Hi hixxy,

Could you please file a bug report in our tracking system: http://www.msldev.com/bugs/ It's the only way to ensure proper elimination of bugs and quality control.

(Btw, that [serious] bug was my mistake of making a last moment change after the decision to go stable (without proper testing). A mistake that won't be repeated. - Almost 3 years of being unstable!)

As for the dialog editor, yes! we have it planned. In fact we have a significant part of it done, unfortunately it didn't quite make it before our feature freeze for 0.3.1. Expect to see it in the future. (our long term goal might also be support for DCX dialogs, but that's a discussion for another day.)

As for the tooltip, I suspect you actually mean our calltip (The one that displays the syntax of an identifier and making the current argument in bold). Yes, actually the current version has the calltip completed up to $h* (anything and including 'h'). This actually requires quite a bit of labor work (we do not copy directly from the help file as mSLDev has extensive support for different syntaxes and optional arguments). It will eventually support everything.

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