Bravo!! This is long overdue laugh

Excellent work.

One small bug report. If you set a command to a variable and use the variable as a command, the IDE highlights any parameters you pass to it as a command. For example:

var %s = sockwrite -n $sockname
%s GET / HTTP/1.1
%s Host:
%s Accept: */*, *.*

In this script "GET," "Host:" and "Accept:" will all be highlighted in the custom command colour rather than as plaintext.

Not sure how easy this would be to solve.

Thank you for this. Started trying to build something like this before but I always stopped before I got it seriously stable and it was never as smooth as what you've got here.

Are there any plans for a GUI dialog editor?


Another small report is that the tooltips don't work for $left, $right, $mid, $pos, $time and maybe some others.

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