Greetings my fellow scripters!

I am here to announce the release of the latest version of mSLDev - a full-featured integrated development environment designed specifically for the mIRC scripting language with you in mind.

mSLDev is a standalone program with mIRC syncing capabilities that allows you, the scripter, to easily write high quality scripts. mSLDev supports all the features you'd expect from a professional IDE including syntax highlighting, calltips, and smart autocompletes.


Some Features:
  • Live Syncing with mIRC
  • Real-Time Error Detection
  • Syntax Coloring
  • Smart AutoComplete
  • Variable matching
  • Tabbed interface
  • Code Folding
  • Syntax Calltips
  • To-Do List Management
  • Hash Table Viewer

Support: #mSLDev