What skins are good for:
1. If skins were optional, then it would just simply attract more users to mIRC. A certain percent of these people would probably register mIRC, and Khaled would benefit that way.
2. For those non-hardcore PC users who don't need any extra resources because all they do is web-browse and talk on mIRC, it would make their expirience with their computer seem more 'stylized' and their expirience with mIRC more assuring of their 'uniqueness' because they have control over what it looks like.

What skins aren't good for:
1. The efficiency of the program and how it uses system resources.
2. Making people interested. ..as most users have fun chatting on mIRC, not sitting there looking at how pretty it is.
3. People who understand that skins take up a lot of resources may consequently stop using mIRC because they find it to be inefficient. The certain percentage of people who would've registered their mIRC now wouldn't, and Khaled would not benefit in this respect. (this is if skins were mandatory)

Solution 1: Optional skinning, where there is not a "traditional" skin alongside others that can be chosen, but rather a way to actually turn it off or on. So the user can either use their mIRC efficiently or they could turn mIRC into a resource hogging "pretty" program. This would most likely attract more people to mIRC (albiet morons), and generate some more cashflow for Khaled.

Solution 2: (this is for users who want skins) Just download a full mIRC script to put some sense of style into your mIRC. Some of these scripts have sounds that play and everything, so you'll probably be blown away by the prettiness of it all..

Solution 3: Take all people who like big and bulky skins over more useable and efficent programs and put them on an island. Then nuke the island into oblivion, and have the rest of the people of the world have more kids and raise those kids right. smile

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