ok mtech heres the problem in your suggestion ..... 1) you dont know wtf your talking about 2) your not listening to anything that anyone is saying to you 3) picwin gui is another type of a dialog menu .....

now here lies your problem if your cant figure out how to use a dll to skin your dialogs then how would u be able to figure out the necessary functions that mirc would have to add to it so it can skin the dialogs?

mind you im not saying your completely wrong for your suggestion but your not making any common sense what so ever here ..... its great that u like things to be skinned ,,,,, but it sems that your in both accounts wont read to understand how to do them ......

sorry if you dont agree with this point but whther mirc added this functionality or not ud still be here asking that it be explained to u as from what it looks like your just not reading


ok i know i said the same things over and over to him ... but maybe he will listen to atleast one of them?