1. You say the "number of users increases"-- where are you observing this increase?

R.- In the title bar of the channel

2. When exactly is this increase in users happening?

R.- when a user enters

3. Did any nicks join after the QUIT?

R.- I can not see quits, I see only joins, parts, and other events but it quits. Many nicknames are still in the list of nicks but are not connected.

4. When do the nicks show up in the nicklist?

R.- when a user enters

5. Are they coming back after another user joins, or are they not being removed at all?

R.- not

6. Is this happening on a single channel, or all?

R.- all channels

7. If all, can you join a small channel (1-10 people) and reproduce this?

R.- yes, i can not see quits.