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Problem at your ISP? Did you try disable your antivirus and firewall? Also make a traserout to the server, then you maybe see where the problem are. If you have high ping to one connection on the way, then the problem can be there.

Not using any antivirus software. Already said I tried running tcptraceroute (via linux) through port 6697 and it completed the path to the irc server without problem. Hardware firewall turned off, software firewall also off to make sure.
The irc server is on SSL port 6697. I also tried port 9999 which is allowed and worked but it didn't help.

My ISP is fine. I don't believe it's blocking access at any point. I think my friends server is somehow blocking my IP or not resolving it? No person banned or shunned me.

Like I said his server stopped working for me suddenly and without warning. I didn't change any settings when it happened and before that I was chatting fine for well over a year on said server.
I am the only one experiencing the problem, everyone else connects fine crazy