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also i have changed the level numbers to words whilst getting the data from on notice event so 9999 = founder 5 = op 4 = half op
That's only true if no one touched default levels. If they had been changed, it'd be mighty misleading smile

Originally Posted By: ANOPE chanserv help: "access levels"
Founder Full access to ChanServ functions; automatic opping upon entering channel.
10 Access to AKICK command; automatic opping.
5 Automatic opping.
4 Automatic halfopping.
3 Automatic voicing.
0 No special privileges; can be opped by other ops (unless secure-ops is set).
<0 May not be opped.
These levels may be changed, or new ones added, using the LEVELS command; type /msg ChanServ HELP LEVELS for information.