For syntax and examples: /help $read

Again, be aware that running commands this way leaves you open to security risks if you aren't careful. Never run a command from a file that people can write to.

Edit: I thought $read() was a little less secure. After I had a chance to test, simply using $read isn't quite enough, but here's one option:

alias command {
  noop $read(commands.txt,w,$1*)

commands.txt file:

echo_hello | echo -a hello
echo_bye | echo -a bye

/command echo_hello
/command echo_bye

You can set the text file up with a command name to use followed by a pipe character and then followed by the command. The just specify the command name when using the command as shown and it will run the command in the text file that matches the command name you used.

You would of course have to adjust this to fit your needs. It's just a basic example.

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