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I'd better figure out how to make this channel specific
on *:nick:{
  var %s = #chan1 #chan2 #chan3 #chan4 #chan5
  if ($hfind(bad,$newnick,0,W)) { 
    var %c = 1, %cc
    while ($comchan($newnick,%c)) {
      %cc = $v1
      if ($istok(%s,%cc,32)) {
        ban -ku30 %cc $newnick 2 Not Allowed!
      inc %c
Substitute #chan1, #chan2, etc..with the ones where you want the code to work on.

P.S. I've re-added the 2 because it bans offenders' hosts. Without specifying it, mIRC uses the whole nick!*user@host to do the ban. This is perfectly optional to you.

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