Hello - I have a functional banned nickwords script, but I've been trying to make this easier on myself when adding more words. It reads from a list in a text file.
The Problem is: It only works if the nicks are exactly the words listed in the text file.
Unfortunately no matter how hard I've tried, I cannot get it to work if the words listed are anywhere within the nick. Obviously I'm trying to avoid having to manually add (every_word_I_need_to_add isin $nick). I have tried everything I know with adding $+, [eval brackets] and $Chr(42) for the wildcard, and no matter what I try it stops the script from working. There's got to be a simple solution that I can't realize, like maybe using a var? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

if ($read(G:\pathway\bannednickwords.txt, w, $newnick) iswm $newnick) || (badword isin $nick) <--trying to avoid dozens of these {
var %i = 0
while (%i < $comchan($newnick,0)) {
inc %i
if ($newnick isop $comchan($newnick,%i)) || ($newnick ishelp $comchan($newnick,%i)){ return }
if ($me isop $comchan($newnick,%i)) {
ban -u30 $comchan($newnick,%i) $newnick 11
kick $comchan($newnick,%i) $newnick Not allowed!