Im gonna make an overall reply here with no assaults to anybody - just my own $.02 USD.

The mirc help file is really good. I've used it tons of times and it's helped me out. I DONT have a long programming background, I've played with programming in general since the time of the commadore/apple basic programming language, i've done some basic HTML as well. I think the BIG problem with the mirc help file is that it's written in one way, and many who DONT have a large background in programming MAY have difficulty with it. I used to teach the basics of scripting (the style that worked for me) to other and they were successful with it, but I reached a plateau. I wanted to go further, but ran out of an effective teacher. These forums are AWESOME and always have been, but you can't replace one on one training with somebody who understands how you think. The help file should NEVER try to do this. It CANT be everything to everyone. If anything, I think it needs to be said that not everybody can program (script in this case) and not everybody will understand the scripting language. In the past I even made comments about combining the mirc help file with the irc intro guide. I felt (at the time) that there needed to be more of a marriage between the two documents because it seemed to me that the IRC intro had better examples than the basic MIRC help file. Perhaps what's REALLY needed is a help file, from a scripter, who's been doing it for a while, that can break down the language into easier digestible bytes (ha ha ha). Will I be the one to do it? Nope, cause 1) I barely use mirc anymore 2) at my best I was WAAAAAAAAY outmatched in my scripting knowledge. Am I asking one of the pros here to do it? Nope, unless they WANT to. I also know there's websites out there that do try to teach people who things work and they do a good job of it. me personally, I need that interaction with a person to work out my issues, but I've gotten info from scripts and websites and tweaked em for my purposes and have learned a great deal from those.

Over the years scripting seems to have gotten a bad rap. People with the knowledge get labelled as elitists or other titles. I myself never found that to be the case. SOME people are bad teachers, some are hard to approach, but I'm sure help can be found if you look for it. There are channels that give help on scripting on the networks you're already on most networks I would imagine. keep in mind that they get bombarded with questions from easy to difficult by all walks of life and they made have their own policies on what they will and wont help with.

All in all, the documentation provided is really good, the message board here is awesome as well, but you can't expect people to do your work for you. I've seen MANY posts in my, what..... almost 10 years on the various mirc message boards..... where the people trying to help give very in depth explanations and some where it's just a snippet with "try this type of code". When in doubt, ask, if not sure, ask again, if you dont get a response that you understand, ask some more but give the part that you have problems with.

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