There are MANY things that are $null in basically every event. Should the help file list every $null item for every event or command? No. That would just be unnecessary (and basically useless) filler. It doesn't take much effort to learn what can and cannot be used in an event.

As far as the ME item, it is not deprecated and it is not marked for removal, so I don't see any reason why you would put such a note in there. The point I made before was that undocumented features MAY be removed, not that they are GOING to be removed. And ME is useful. It prevents the event from even firing it you aren't the one who triggered it, whereas the IF check only happens after the event fires. That may not be a big deal most of the time, but it allows you to have 2 separate "identical" events in the same script file if you want to. For example:

; This will trigger for me
on me:*:text:!news:#: { set %news $?="What is the current news?" }
; This will trigger for everyone else
on *:text:!news:#: { msg $chan %news }

Yes, you can put those into one and use an IF/ELSE, but some people may prefer to keep things separate. As with many features, there may be multiple ways to do the same thing and neither way is right or wrong... it's just a preference which way you choose.

Anyhow, yes, the help file can be improved and pretty much anyone here would agree. But saying something is deprecated isn't necessary... if it's deprecated, then it's removed at the same time. And mentioning everything that is $null for every command/event/etc is just a waste of space. If you aren't sure if something is $null, use echo to find out.

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