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In most cases, anyone scripting in MSL has learned mostly on their own without anyone teaching them. Why? Because you can't just take a MSL course in college and I haven't seen any MSL for Dummies books anywhere (yet). What this tells me is that it is very possible to learn without someone teaching it to you. Yes, it's true that you will learn more easily if you've done some kind of programming or scripting before, but that's true no matter what. If you've never programmed/scripted before, then it will just take more effort and time to learn, but you can still learn.

The point most here are trying to make is that the help file is a resource that is useful but not meant to be the only resource. There are many other resources that can be used and do not require any special skill to make use of, such as this forum or other scripting forums, scripting channels on IRC, other scripts, etc. Expecting a single source to teach you everything and answer all of your questions is crazy.

And there really isn't a Catch 22. You do not need experience to begin learning from any of these sources. You may need to make use of more than one source to learn something, but the point is that you *can* learn regardless of experience. As you start learning, your experience increases and you will be able to learn more difficult things. Think about it... just about every programming language's beginning instruction book gives you a Hello World example and has you start there. By itself, it's a very useless thing, but it fulfills a purpose... it starts giving you experience by teaching you some of the most basic commands in the language that you will then be able to use to build up to the next commands and so on. As long as you are willing to start small and work up, building a strong foundation on the way, you will be able to learn on your own with the resources available even if you have no experience whatsoever.

I got schooled by this community mostly laugh

When you're new to programming/scripting, joining an enthusiast website and asking stupid questions is the best way to learn.