Hi all,

I have noticed a significant increase in the time it takes mIRC to start in comparison with previous versions.

alias test_exit { set %exit_time $ticks | exit -nr }
on *:start: {
  if (%exit_time) { echo $color(info) -s * mIRC restarted in $calc(($ticks - %exit_time) / 1000) seconds. | unset %exit_time }

In the latest version the response I get is averaging 4 seconds, whilst previous versions i.e 6.35 it takes around one second.

Although strictly this is not a bug, the reason why I bring this to attention, is due to the fact that one of the key statements of the new versions of mIRC that it is a faster then previous versions, when clearly in this instance it isen't.

I am using windows 7 64 bit