mIRC has nothing to do with any of the networks, so we cant remove the ban/kline. In some cases it isnt you specifically that has been banned, but a wide ip range that happens to include you. We cant tell you how long the ban will last, only the ppl at that network can. No, we wont help you find a way to evade a ban.

-Read the ban msg, it may give you a website to go to, the reason for the ban, or someplace to email about it.

-If the ban/kline tells you to enable identd, see this thread

-read the MOTD (Message Of The Day) that you see scroll past when you are trying to connect. It should give you a website to go to for help, they generally have info on what you can/cant do, and some even have forums you can post on to get help. There are too many networks for us to give you links to every one, but it should be easy to find. Use your favorite search engine, like www.google.com and put in the networks name for search term. (in the MOTD and in the server's name, you will prolly see the networks name, like DALnet, Efnet, Gamesnet,Undernet etc)

-if the ban/kline says you are or may be infected with a trojan, run a virus scan (like this one See this post for other resources. It could also be that something in your mask looks like a string in a virus, like perhaps ^^^SxAcAg^^@sumfin.here. Try changing the part before the @ to all lowercase letters without symbols. Once you are sure you arent infected, contact the network as above.

Many others have asked about bans, using the search feature here, set to "all forums" and expand the date to "all posts" you can find links to specific networks and perhaps the problem you are having. Keep in mind that the networks websites are the best place to go for help on this.

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