hi sorry i'm new to the forum so i dont know if it's ok for me to post in here but perhaps you could help me. I understand that you cannot remove a ban, but this is my situation. I live in an apt with a roommate we both use irc because of counterstrike and we have seperate computers. We hooked up the 2 computers to a router.
Today i was idling in a channel that my friend asked me to idle in and a ircop came in and k-lined me. The message i got in my window was clones/bots #team-tu. I asked my friends what had happened and they told me that there were some clones in the channel and I was looked at as a clone. I share the appartment so I can't help that the other person uses irc also.
What would i be able to do if i wanted to ask the ircop about how long my ban was or if he could possibly unban me and my roommate ?
I'm not saying that that the ircop was wrong I just would like to get back to my irc.