Ah, ok. Then I misunderstood your post. My apologies.

Myeah, I could keep them around as spaces, of course. If I understood Saturn's tutorial (http://www.xise.nl/mirc/wiki/doku.php?id=spaces), I could even save the spaces to a variable. I've thought about rewriting the above script to meet towards that.

Of course this all is pointless when all you want to do with the text is send it out again, since there's no way to do that without getting rid of spaces. (I've heard of /play, but haven't looked into that, yet. Heard it required a constant writing to and loading from files, which is not too great, though perhaps I could do it for lines with leading/adjacent spaces only.)

Anyhow, my aim here was at preserving spaces on input without the need of a .dll file. Whatever needs to be done with them afterward was not the issue here. Thanks for your input, though.

Learning something new every day.