I'm writing my own little mIRC enhancement script, and I ran into a few questions. For the purpose of these questions, assume that there are no external files available, as I like to hand out the script to other users and prefer to keep it light (ie, only a single .mrc file). If what I ask is not possible with core mIRC 7.1, then I rather forgo it.

I just switched to using a custom dialog to set my options. I never messed with custom dialogs before, as I never bothered with a semiprofessional way to configure options, so I'm pretty new about it.

First, I'm following the advice from the mIRC help file to use "option dbu", which should make it appear the same on every windows computer. Is that really advisable, if all I'm planning to do are simple options like tabs, check options, an entry field here and there and a couple of drop down combos?

Second, is there any way to show colors inside a custom dialog. I was hoping to do something like the Event/Message/Highlight option on the Display tab of mIRC options, but it doesn't really seem possible.

Third, mIRC eats spaces. When using the following script (which I know is pretty redundant this way, but this is just an example), all the double spaces someone enters are gone. Is there a way to retain the spaces, at least long enough for me to replace them by other characters, and replace them back to spaces once I'm ready to output the line again?

on ^*:text:*:#: {
echo -bfi2lmqt $chan $+(<, $nick, >) $1-

Learning something new every day.