//var %a = $chr(55384), %b = $chr(56320) | echo -a $width(%a $+ %b, FixedSys, 9)
//var %a = $chr(55384), %b = $chr(56320) | echo -a $len($utfencode(%a $+ %b))
//var %a = $chr(240) $+ $chr(166) $+ $chr(128) $+ $chr(128) | echo -a $utfdecode(%a) -- $width($utfdecode(%a), FixedSys, 9)

𦀀 -- 14

Interestingly, when i paste the last result from mIRC into Firefox, the surrogate-pair properly becomes a single character (rendered as the usual box with the codepoint—0x026000—in it, for unglyphed characters) in the edit field, but 4 chars of undecoded-UTF-8-looking salad in the preview (the latter of which i more or less expected, since the encoding on forum pages is currently ISO 8859-1). KWrite (text editor) shows it as the pair (as it shows in mIRC). The local font list applet shows pairs.

So obviously some things on my system (including Firefox) are using libraries that handle UTF-16, and others (perhaps including Wine) using libraries that don't. (It is worth noting that i am not running the current version of Wine (for reasons not worth going into here). I'm curious if Wine 1.2 users don't have this issue.)

edit: Unlike in the preview, the pair from mIRC renders (in Firefox 3.6.8) as a single character in the posted message, and shows in this edit session as 𦀀.

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