I am new here and this is my first post. I would like opinions on my questions. There is a chat site in which you have to pay a yearly fee for IRC access. They have java chat which can be used for free. But in order to use mIRC or any other chat client a user has to pay $7.77/year. The owners of this chat site claim people are paying for IRC access and not paying to use mIRC, that mIRC is the client that is used to access IRC. In my opinion I don't see what the difference would be. Splitting hairs I think. I can't use mIRC to chat unless I pay the yearly fee, so in essence I am paying to use mIRC. Whether java is used or mIRC or whatever, it is all IRC anyway I believe. So in order to access their chat rooms, I have to pay $7.77/year to use mIRC, or use the free java which they made so awful in hopes people will pay for access. I was wondering about licensing issues here pertaining to mIRC. Thank you anyone who can provide some insight into this confusing issue.