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paying to use irc/mIRC

Posted By: 0wL

paying to use irc/mIRC - 02/05/03 03:52 PM

I am new here and this is my first post. I would like opinions on my questions. There is a chat site in which you have to pay a yearly fee for IRC access. They have java chat which can be used for free. But in order to use mIRC or any other chat client a user has to pay $7.77/year. The owners of this chat site claim people are paying for IRC access and not paying to use mIRC, that mIRC is the client that is used to access IRC. In my opinion I don't see what the difference would be. Splitting hairs I think. I can't use mIRC to chat unless I pay the yearly fee, so in essence I am paying to use mIRC. Whether java is used or mIRC or whatever, it is all IRC anyway I believe. So in order to access their chat rooms, I have to pay $7.77/year to use mIRC, or use the free java which they made so awful in hopes people will pay for access. I was wondering about licensing issues here pertaining to mIRC. Thank you anyone who can provide some insight into this confusing issue.
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 02/05/03 04:25 PM

From what it sounds like, maybe I misunderstood and If i did I'm sorry, you have to pay to use/have an IRC Server. If so, that cost is a service cost to host on the company/group's computer. This is in no way related to mirc pricing. There are hundreds, if not thousands of IRC servers that require no cost or obligation, that allow users to join. For a couple, DALnet and Gamesnet both have tens of thousands of users that use their services for free.

Mirc is a chat program that allows users to connect to irc server. mIRC does cost anywhere from $10 to $40 if you were to register (my suggestion you do), but this is only a fee to show support for Khaled's product, and a way of thanking him for all his time and effort.

So I hope that answers your question. If I am completly off base, I'm sorry.

Good Luck grin
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 02/05/03 05:33 PM

sounds like talkcity is at it again
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 02/05/03 06:03 PM

Just jealous I know what I'm talking about? Where as, you...Nvm, won't go there. Too nice a day to ruin >:D
Posted By: 0wL

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 02/05/03 06:59 PM

I know it is confusing. Basically, if I want to use mIRC (or any other chat client) to chat on that chat site, I have to pay the $7.77/year. They say it is to cover the cost of bandwidth. If I use java, there is no fee. I understood your explaination and reasoning. It costs them money to run a chat server and charging to access their chat server with mIRC covers that cost. Thank you
Posted By: 0wL

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 02/05/03 07:03 PM

Yeah, they sure are.
Posted By: rogue

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 02/05/03 07:14 PM

Does the Java chat page (or the applet itself) have advertising on it by chance? That would explain the discrepancy.
Posted By: Zmodem

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 03/05/03 06:03 PM

It is completely legal, by 100%. They extremely want you to use their own software, you got it right the first time grin

Since it's their servers and what not, they have the right to charge you for whatever they want. The reason they are charging you to use other clients besides their Java one is just because they want to get everyone to say "Wow, pay to use the IRC, I'll just use their Java crap for free.", and then do just that. Anywho, it's a waste to use any server that does this when there are so many that do not.
Posted By: CloCkWeRX

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 06/05/03 06:00 AM

*wonders if its illegal to make mIRC pretend its a java client in this case*
It's been done on a lot of servers that tried to force a seperation between javaers and mIRCers, but never too successfully... I've never done it with anywehre that wants you to PAY for irc, and i wonder if its illegal to do it in any way/shape/form.

any thoguhts...
Posted By: theAncinetOne

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 08/05/03 05:28 AM

first of all: if someone runs a service they have the right to define how that service operates. This may include fees, access methods etc.

secondly, as pointed above the java applet may be placed in a page with information or advertising that represents some dollar value directly or indirectly. IRC access thus is charged to match.

I can only assume you get user name and a password to access that system, otherwise any one could enter. This means they have some administrative costs to mange this, It also means their network is unlikely to have floodbots entering or any other nuisaince connections.

mimiking java is possible as you know, but not all java applets are equal. The cost of the service is very low if it provides quality chat environment.

in the end I think the charge is for IRC access not mIRC access, which just happens to be the most popular IRC client.
Posted By: CloCkWeRX

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 08/05/03 06:16 AM

Ted, that has to irritate you, the typo in your nick
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 08/05/03 10:20 PM

He's right about access though. :tongue:
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: paying to use irc/mIRC - 09/05/03 12:13 AM

your absolutly right about the access fees involved ..... if ppl wish to chat somewhere .. they should learn to follow that networks policies ..... be it dalnet msn efnet or talkcity (the network in question here).

they want users to use the java for the ad banners in it which again if u dont want to use java fork over themoney to use an irc client your totally right the price is rather fair if u think about not having to deal with floodbots and generally harasing users who wont normally fork over any money to be chatting somewhere who could pull their access if they misbehave ... it has several reasons and pluses to that setup ... with only one drawback .. who wants to pay
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