general comment to the thread:

1) I agree this could easily be implemented into mirc
2) there are scripting solutions

no arguments there at all. yes this IS a scripting heavy forum these days, but it wasnt always - or at least not as much. I don't feel "because it's so basic" should be a reason NOT to add something. I've never understood something (nor do I require an explanation mind you):

ALT + O --> IRC --> Options --> Timestamp events

That wasnt ALWAYS there and was added versions ago. Why not allow us to have a field that overrides the nick border like:

() Default () Custom [_] nickname [_]

If the dot was in CUSTOM, it would allow us to use what we want, if you choose DEFAULT, it would be the normal broders AND wouldnt break ANY scripts out there whatsoever (unless you overrode it, but then you're CHOOSING to and that's on you). Then, in that box was your character option (including blank). If the one was done VERSIONS age, why not this simple feature? it is perhaps THE most requested addition to mirc for YEARS now and always comes back.

From the versions file:

02/02/2000 - mIRC v5.7 - 19.The custom timestamp set in options dialog, messages section, is now used for time-stamping all messages/logs/etc.

Even tho it's been there earlier, this is from 2000, ten years ago....... it seems to me a very minor yet natural enhancement to mirc that just never made it

Those who fail history are doomed to repeat it