Associative arrays map very wel to hash tables.

Pure arrays don't, i'm with starbucks_mafia on this one. (Deletion is not a byproduct either see code i posted above, it will create unreferencable gaps.)


the fact that you can do: hadd tab 2 item | $hget(tab,2) => item means it's functionality equivalent to an array API, so I don't see the issue from a superficial standpoint.

This holds truth provided you dont insert and delete items of the 'stack'.

Pure arrays will be used as stacks where inserting and/or deleting items will re-order the stack accordingly automatically so they're always in a loop safe state.

In short hash table is great for associative data but a mess to loop through (Since gaps CAN appear). Pure arrays have nothing to do with associative data but are excellent to loop trough.

Since they are not the same thing i dont think if arrays are ever implemented that they should share the same terminology as the hash table commands let alone share the commands smile

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