I created a bunch of array snippets that used hash tables to store sorted information.

Whilst they are unsorted by nature, if you just use numbers as key names then you can manage the sort yourself.

For example, if you were to sort this data alphabetically: z b d h j e, it would become: b d e h j z, you could then add each letter to the hash table with a number as key:

hadd -m table 1 b
hadd -m table 2 d
hadd -m table 3 e
hadd -m table 4 h
hadd -m table 5 j
hadd -m table 6 z


echo -a $hget(table,1) = b
echo -a $hget(table,2) = d
echo -a $hget(table,3) = e
echo -a $hget(table,4) = h
echo -a $hget(table,5) = j
echo -a $hget(table,6) = z

And there you have it, sorted hash tables laugh The only thing you need to keep in mind when using this method is that if you were to delete an item you'd have to reshuffle every item after that position so there are no gaps, unless you come up with a decent method to iterate through the table until all items have been found even if there are gaps. This is where the main overhead comes in, it's quite slow to reshuffle 1,000+ items.