You won't be unbanned from any of the servers because you haven't fixed the reason why you got banned in the first place. You're clearly running an open proxy of some sort which needs to be disabled, protected, or simply cloaked.

The first link you received (here) which explains to you the problem in which you're experiencing, and holds the information you need to get unbanned, needs to be read. If you continue to refuse to fix your open proxy, you will be banned from every network you try to connect to that runs open proxy detection services.

Having an open proxy is a VERY serious problem -- worry less about the ban, and focus on fixing the problem. Most major networks institute a three strikes policy. If you're banned three times for breaking a network policy, they won't remove the third ban. Once you've successfully resolved the open proxy issue, your only route is to wait for the temporary bans to time out. The bigger networks deal with hundreds of complaints/requests about policy enforcement so just waiting it out should be motive enough and give you enough time to fix your open proxy!

Good luck!