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Hi everyone, all of a sudden when i tried to connect to this server irc.austirc.net i got this message
Closing Link: [] Z:Lined (Open Proxy found on your host. More information can be found at: http://austirc.net/proxy.html?ip= [ABUSEAT.ORG])

I don't know what is open proxy or what it does or how to use proxies anyhow (in IRC)!! i've read the above link carefully and have tried to contact one of the IRC ops but couldn't find a way to do that. so, could anyone please point me in the right direction?

Also is there a forum for general IRC help, i knew there is a bunch of helpers here :p but i don't want to ask questions that isn't related to mIRC !!
is there a forum for general IRC help
General Discussion

tried to contact one of the IRC ops but couldn't find a way to do that
http://austirc.net/contact.html There's also a link/button at the top of the page that you posted called Contact, which goes to the contact page I have listed, in addition, there's a link/button marked IRCops where you will get a list of the IRCops, along with their online status, and if online, their nick is also linked.
Yeah, i already sent an email to them (someone told me that it takes too much time to get a respond), and also i can't msg the IRCops if i'm banned in thier server!! can i?

Also i got this from my ban message

I want to contact someone about this!
You should contact the staff of the IRC network you were attempting to connect to when you were banned. Unless this network was AustIRC the staff at AustIRC cannot help you.

I'm asking this because i think there is something wrong going on!! because since that day everytime i try to connect to efnet i got "temporary k-line 1440 minutes ban because of open proxy" and i think that sooner or later i will be banned from all the servers that i want to connect to mad mad

Thanks for your help and attention btw.
You won't be unbanned from any of the servers because you haven't fixed the reason why you got banned in the first place. You're clearly running an open proxy of some sort which needs to be disabled, protected, or simply cloaked.

The first link you received (here) which explains to you the problem in which you're experiencing, and holds the information you need to get unbanned, needs to be read. If you continue to refuse to fix your open proxy, you will be banned from every network you try to connect to that runs open proxy detection services.

Having an open proxy is a VERY serious problem -- worry less about the ban, and focus on fixing the problem. Most major networks institute a three strikes policy. If you're banned three times for breaking a network policy, they won't remove the third ban. Once you've successfully resolved the open proxy issue, your only route is to wait for the temporary bans to time out. The bigger networks deal with hundreds of complaints/requests about policy enforcement so just waiting it out should be motive enough and give you enough time to fix your open proxy!

Good luck!

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