Personally, I don't think additional switches should be added just to avoid typing one extra command. There really isn't a good enough reason to justify it. Simply put, if you can't type one extra command or make the alias that does it for you, you're just being lazy.

As far as the choice of letter for the switches... I think it would be better to have the switch make sense, but it isn't imperative. As far as -m in /server, it could be because it was added for multiserver functionality. And -n to minimize isn't that unusual. I can't think of specific locations, but I'm pretty sure I've seen other apps use "n" to Minimize the app from a Window menu (the underlined letter that you can hit from within the menu). That's the same for Maximize. So those aren't really the best examples... not that it really matters. You can't cover every possible switch using just the best letter because you'll often have multiple commands/switches that would be best with the same letter. It's ideal, but not always possible. And, as was mentioned, -q was an example and wasn't meant to be the only choice or the best choice for the switch.

EDIT: Ok, you can actually use "n" and "x" in IE if you right click on the titlebar. This is also probably true in most Windows apps. I tested it in IE and Windows Explorer. So it's commonly used for Minimize and Maximize.

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