"52" is an extremely inflated number, because for any one feature there is only a handful of switches that reasonably describe the functionality, not to mention the fact that upper case letters should be avoided wherever possible since mIRC is case insensitive just about everywhere else.

you wouldn't use "-r" to express a "quit message" in /server the same way you wouldn't use "-z" in /ban to express "kick user". The fact that there are many choices doesn't mean they're valid ones.

In this case, the only possibilities would really be -q (/quit) or -m (quit message).. and oh wait, mIRC already uses -m (and incorrectly). It's simply a bad choice to make mIRC messier than it already is.

As far as my statistic goes-- I'll stick to my number and you stick to yours- realize, however, how uncommon the use case of switching your active server is to begin with.

Sure, people switch servers occasionally, but it would happen maybe once a session. The far more likely scenario is that users setup their server connections on start and leave them until they close mIRC. If anything a user will *add* a connection (with -m) rather than replace it-- and of those few users who replace a connection, there is an even smaller amount of people who actually care about their quit messages. So no, I think 5% is pretty accurate for a guesstimation.

And for those people:

alias switch quit $2- | server $1

is really not such an inconvenience.

- argv[0] on EFnet #mIRC
- "Life is a pointer to an integer without a cast"