In this case, the only possibilities would really be -q (/quit) or -m (quit message).. and oh wait, mIRC already uses -m (and incorrectly). It's simply a bad choice to make mIRC messier than it already is.

There are many commands in mIRC where switches are used, and you'd think they'd be the most obvious switches to use. Not sure if it's because the "common" switches had already been used and Khaled threw in any old switch, I'm not saying all of them have no relevance but some have none.

Have you ever used a switch in any command without reading the help file or forgetting the switch and used something else because you thought that'd be the most obvious. I know I have.

Well for me, I hardly ever have more than one connection open at any time and I am constantly switching servers.

Like I said and I've seen it is easy to do, and even with all the rest in the /server command such as port password nick ident etc and I guess I'll have to stick to that.

Sorry if I sounded rude I didn't mean to sound it. smile