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They should do, but many people don't bother with pesky things like error checking. Then one day when things break without any kind of error message they end up on a forum like this wondering what happened.

/sockread reads from a socket buffer, right?
I assume this buffer is located in memory from the mIRC process, right?
Now, suppose mIRC is busy processing an on sockread event, can I assume 'mIRC busy' means that it doesn't receive new data inside the mIRC socket buffer, because the operating system cannot pass it to mIRC since it's not ready (busy processing on sockread event)?

If above is true, then $sockerr cannot change since mIRC started processing the on sockread event. Also, the amount bytes in the mIRC socketbuffer can only drop equal bytes as /sockread reads.
Maybe put in another way: suppose on sockread event triggers, the total bytes in the buffer is 1000, if you make the sum of all $sockbr's after /sockreads, it can only be 1000 if you read until $sockbr == 0 and never higher?