i have a !pingme script On Text i dont chat in the main stream much and i exclude those rooms so i added a !pingus just for something to do which works fine other than it doesnt send the lag to the users in the channel it only notices them i have $nick in the !pingme script and if you type !pingus it will notice every user in the channel so can you do like $nick(1,100) etc ? or something with a * to send each lag to the channel which flooding isnt an issue as the channel limit is 10 and wont work in the other channels thx in advance

here is the ctcpreply portion
On *:ctcpreply:ping *:{
set %pt $calc($ctime - $2)
if ( $nick == $me ) { /msg $active 12Your lag is04 %pt seconds. 12 $me }
else { /notice $nick 04Your lag is12 $calc($ctime - $2) seconds. | /msg %pchan 12Your Lag is04 %pt seconds.12 %pnick }