Perhaps not the best way, you could just loop through the text, one letter at a time and convert it to $chr($calc($chr(real letter) + 5)) or some such thing. Note that it would convert everything including spaces and symbols and would not stick to just letters. Of course, that could make it interesting.

Alternatively, you can force it to stay withing a range of $chr() with a simple check...

var %newletter = $calc($chr(%oldletter) + 5)
if ((%newletter > 90 && %newletter < 97) || %newletter > 122) { var %newletter = %newletter - 26 }
var %newchr = $chr(%newletter)

Basically, that will increase the $chr of whatever letter you're on when looping through the text with a $chr 5 letters higher. If it goes beyond "z" or "Z", it will loop back to the beginning so that you don't get weird characters. Note that if you put in weird characters, you will still probably get weird characters back as I didn't make it prevent that from happening.

You can loop using $mid and a while loop.

Anyhow there may be a better solution, but that's one that won't be hard to figure out (basically just stick what I gave you into a loop using $mid to find %oldletter (%oldletter will be the $asc() of the actual character.)) Note that you should skip past spaces, commas, and parentheses because $asc() won't accept those.

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