You didn't say that in your original post. You specifically asked for displaying rules. If you request help on something, please provide accurate details of what you want or it will waste everyone's time.

on *:text:!list*:#yourchannel: {
  if ($exists($+(lists\,$right($1,-1),.txt))) {
    .play -nm1 $nick $+(lists\,$right($1,-1),.txt) 1000
  else {
    if ($+(%,rules.timer,$nick)) { return }
    .notice $nick No such list.  Wait for 10 seconds and try again.
    set -u10 %rules.timer $+ $nick On

Change the channel to match what you want. Then, create a folder in mIRC's folder called "lists" (no quotes). Inside that folder, create text files (using notepad) that include all of the information you want to show. Label the files like this:


Etc. (You can use capitals if you want to, such as ListA.txt)

Note that this will slowly notice the person with everything inside the file. If the user types !lista, it will show them lista.txt. If the user types !listfun, it will show them listfun.txt, if it exists. Etc.

If the file doesn't exist, it will tell the user to wait 10 seconds and try again. This will help to prevent any chance of being flooded off by people just requesting a fake file multiple times.

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