Hmm.. I tried the timer script, and it worked perfectly, but a problem is that.

My script isn't based on rules. It's based on a list that goes alphabeticly:

Here's a little of my list script of animes.

on *:text:!listA:#anime-eden: {
notice $nick Ah! My Goddess (Completed)
notice $nick Ah! My Goddess: Sorezore No Tsubasa (Completed)
notice $nick Ai Yori Aoshi (Completed)
notice $nick Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ (Completed)
notice $nick Air (Completed)
notice $nick Air Gear (Completed)
notice $nick Air Master (Completed)
notice $nick Aishiteruze Baby (Completed)
notice $nick Angel Sanctuary (Completed)
notice $nick Appleseed (Completed)
notice $nick Asatte no Houkou (Completed)
notice $nick Ayashi no Ceres (Completed)
notice $nick Azumanga Daioh (Completed)

on *:text:!listB:#anime-eden: {
notice $nick Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto (Completed)
notice $nick Basilisk (Completed)
notice $nick Beck (Completed)
notice $nick Beet The Vandel Buster (Completed)
notice $nick Beet The Vandel Buster Excellion (Ongoing)
notice $nick Black Blood Brothers (Completed)
notice $nick Black Cat (Completed)
notice $nick Black Jack 21 (Completed)
notice $nick Black Lagoon (Completed)
notice $nick Bleach (Ongoing)
notice $nick Blood+ (Completed)
notice $nick Blue Dragon (Ongoing)
notice $nick Boogiepop Phantom (Ongoing)

And soo on, the list goes alphabeticly, and if I want to put a timer on, I have to put the timer on each and every letter?
But yet, that doesn't work if you write !lista and !listb, because those are two different letters.