Anyone can make a script for me.
I want the script do list something for me, for example

When you write

I will auto post the rules when requested.

Like this bot,

<Aragonfire> .top10
-owtb- Top10(words): 1. angelx(262300) 2. xBaMx(126738) 3. dev(123779) 4. Cokemon(77976) 5. NLdopeyNL2(69649) 6. Akhkharu(55445) 7. QuE4DoN(53376) 8. TehDef(50225) 9. Vect0r(49964) 10. Nooblettacct(43348)

I want my script to list a list of rules or other stuff.

If you didn't fully understand this thread, please post smile

Thanks in advance.