Thanks RoCk. That is essentially what I did. I actually sent her a wav file that I had compiled myself years ago
which incorporates that very clip (which is from Cheech & Chongs 'Sister Mary Elephant'. She agrees that my
wav file is exceedingly annoying, and impossible to sleep through!

To everyone else, thanks. I feel vindicated.

I am currently using v6.16, and my mIRC, as I said, mine does not behave this way. I just tried it, and held down
a key for over a minute. Never sent. But when I hit the Enter key, it sent the first 943 (!) characters to channel.
When our sleeping keyboarder's leanings were sent, it was in blocks of 462 characters. This makes me think
that it could be a very difficult thing to track down, as it must require certain settings to be in effect.

Just tried it on hubby's computer, also using v6.16, and it did send to channel. 941 characters.

Quite the little mystery, eh?

I'll try to compare mIRC settings of mine and hubby's puter, see if anything significant shows up, and post back.