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Posted By: LonDart Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 12:35 AM
I'm an op in a small channel on a small network where occasionally a chatter will
fall asleep at their keyboard, and sometimes they will manage to lean on a key or
two and channel gets inundated with large blocks of nonsense repeated letters.

It finally dawned on me that I have absolutely no idea why their text is sending
whenever their editbox is 'full'. My mIRC does not behave that way.

Is this a mIRC options setting? Is it a Windows setting? Any ideas?

Granted this is very easy to deal with when it happens; just kick the user.
But if the problem can easily be prevented that would surely be preferable.

Grateful for any clues.
Posted By: Scripto Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 01:03 AM
There is a certain responsibility of IRC users to maintain their own disposition in chat, as well as an operators understanding of maintaining the channel.

To answer your question I suppose it is possible for such an event to occur, via scripted w/dll. Even if that be the case it is still misuse from my own personal perspective, and therefore remains a channel issue.

There is no "auto-entry when the editbox is full" switch in mIRC if that is what you're asking. Some servers provide what is known as a channel shun that prevents a user from input to the channel for the duration of the ban. Maybe that would be an alternative to kicking.

The ircd that I chat on uses this format: /ban ~q:$address($nick,3)

We call it a 'quiet' ban, or q ban.
Posted By: LonDart Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 03:49 AM

True enough, but I'm talking about a very small channel (15 nicks is a record, and that's counting 2 bots),
peopled mostly by regulars. We can afford to be forgiving.

It really is a rarity, this sleep-induced keyboarding. When it happened the other night, it got me to thinking
"Just how the heck are they doing that?"

Our average regular is not widely experienced when it comes to poking about their computers, let alone
mIRC. I have no doubt that the offenders themselves have no idea how they manage it.

Upon reading that a ban without a kick will effectively silence a user, I did try it once. It did not have the
expected effect, as the channel's eggdrop bot (which I do not control) immediately kicks all banned users.

It really is simple enough to kick the occasional Rip Van Leaner. I just got very curious as to how
this can actually happen.
But you've established it is nothing so simple as a mIRC option, so I now know more than I did.

Thanks for responding.
Posted By: DJ_Sol Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 05:54 AM
just -v them until they wake up. All they have to do is hop to remove it. Nicer than a kick. As far as sending text, maybe they are laying on the enter key as well.
Posted By: genius_at_work Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 06:28 AM
As mentioned, mIRC doesn't have an auto-send function. However, it is possible that the people in question are in fact using a different chat client that *does* have such a feature.

Posted By: klaaamp Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 03:55 PM
Its not a autosend-function we are talking about, its how mirc treat editboxes in chans, choose a chan and press a letter on yourkeybord and hold it in very very long and it will send it to chan when the editbox get full
Posted By: RoCk Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 04:10 PM
New one on me but tested and true. I held the f key for about
40 seconds and it sent it to the channel. Did the same in a
query window. This should be reported as a bug.

~ Edit ~

Give this code to your sleepy friend and have them paste
it in the remotes section of their mIRC script editor.

ctcp *:WAKEUP!:?:splay wakeup.mp3

Then have them download wakeup.mp3 and place it in their mIRC folder.

Then when they fall asleep type /ctcp nick wakeup!

Posted By: Scripto Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 05:27 PM
* /msg: line too long (line 56, Input.ini)
* /write: line too long (line 7, Logging.ini)

So be it... lol... It sure does try to send it.

I think that this is a bug as well. I think it would make a worthy post it in the Bug Forum.
Posted By: drc4 Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 07:24 PM
What version of miRC are you using? I tested it, and it never sent to the channel. Once the line was full, it just cleared out the edit box, not sending anything to the channel. I'm still using 6.16 though.
Posted By: Scripto Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 07:33 PM
I use v6.12

You have to hold it down, even while it is beeping...
Posted By: RoCk Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 07:57 PM
Posted By: LonDart Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 09:27 PM
Thanks RoCk. That is essentially what I did. I actually sent her a wav file that I had compiled myself years ago
which incorporates that very clip (which is from Cheech & Chongs 'Sister Mary Elephant'. She agrees that my
wav file is exceedingly annoying, and impossible to sleep through!

To everyone else, thanks. I feel vindicated.

I am currently using v6.16, and my mIRC, as I said, mine does not behave this way. I just tried it, and held down
a key for over a minute. Never sent. But when I hit the Enter key, it sent the first 943 (!) characters to channel.
When our sleeping keyboarder's leanings were sent, it was in blocks of 462 characters. This makes me think
that it could be a very difficult thing to track down, as it must require certain settings to be in effect.

Just tried it on hubby's computer, also using v6.16, and it did send to channel. 941 characters.

Quite the little mystery, eh?

I'll try to compare mIRC settings of mine and hubby's puter, see if anything significant shows up, and post back.

Posted By: RoCk Re: Sending text without Enter key - 28/01/07 09:37 PM
The 941 is the max. character limit of mIRC .. 462 is the
max. character limit of the server you're connected to.
Although you saw 941 characters displayed on your screen
when you hit enter, everyone else on the channel saw the
servers limit of only 462. No mystery.
Posted By: LonDart Re: Sending text without Enter key - 29/01/07 12:34 AM

With more experimenting, again, you're quite correct RoCk.

But the mystery I was referring to was that not all mIRC installations exhibit this behavior.

Both hubby's puter and mine have mIRC v6.16 running on WinXP SP2, but nearly everything else
about the machines is different. Same with friend's puter; same version and OS, but that's the only similarity.


Posted By: RieDeLL Re: Sending text without Enter key - 30/01/07 02:09 PM
possible timer? or amsg? if its the same text over and over maybe!
Posted By: Lpfix5 Re: Sending text without Enter key - 31/01/07 02:57 PM
Yup its true I used to paste large text if you keep holding down a key long enuogh even after the Beeping it will automatically send data as if enter was pressed.
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