True enough, but I'm talking about a very small channel (15 nicks is a record, and that's counting 2 bots),
peopled mostly by regulars. We can afford to be forgiving.

It really is a rarity, this sleep-induced keyboarding. When it happened the other night, it got me to thinking
"Just how the heck are they doing that?"

Our average regular is not widely experienced when it comes to poking about their computers, let alone
mIRC. I have no doubt that the offenders themselves have no idea how they manage it.

Upon reading that a ban without a kick will effectively silence a user, I did try it once. It did not have the
expected effect, as the channel's eggdrop bot (which I do not control) immediately kicks all banned users.

It really is simple enough to kick the occasional Rip Van Leaner. I just got very curious as to how
this can actually happen.
But you've established it is nothing so simple as a mIRC option, so I now know more than I did.

Thanks for responding.