Hehe. Once you get started doing this, you'll start to pick it up. smile

Using a clean install of mIRC, open it up and press Alt-R. Then, if the displayed remote script isn't blank, go to File > New. *If it is a clean install and you haven't done any other scripts yet, it will be blank already and you won't need to do a new file.*

Then, paste in what I showed you. You can use the two options I gave (colors and having the nick shown within messages) if you want to.

Assuming you don't change anything, you will need to make a folder in mIRC's folder called Messages. Inside that folder, you'll create a text file called quotes.txt and put different quotes/sayings in it... one per line. You'll also create a text file called insults.txt and one called flirts.txt and will put insults and flirts in those files. Then, when you connect to a network and join a channel, you can use the right click menu to display those items. Try right clicking in a channel and choose quotes. Then, try right clicking on a nick and choose flirts or insults.

When done, you may want to go to File > Save As and save it with a filename that makes sense to you so you can easily find the right script from the View menu... if it's just called script1.mrc, then you won't know what is in it.

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