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Making a script

Posted By: BabyBlueEyes

Making a script - 15/12/06 10:35 AM

Hey everyone ...

well if you read my post about how i couldnt get my scripts to work ...
then you know my problem ...
and that i can not find one i like ...
so i was wondering ...
if anyone at all could show me how to make a script ...
and what i would need to make one ...
if anyone could take the time out to tell me these things it would be greatly appreciated
Posted By: Bundy

Re: Making a script - 15/12/06 10:46 AM

Well, I think a start would be reading through the help file in mIRC - type /help in any window of mIRC. It's not easy, otherwise all of us would've been wonderful scripters.

Then, after that you will have a better knowledge of how stuff works and you can ask the forte scripters how to do what when.


Posted By: BabyBlueEyes

Re: Making a script - 15/12/06 11:01 AM

oh ok thanks
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Making a script - 15/12/06 05:46 PM

If you also start by listing some things that you want in it, it will help. I know you mentioned a couple of things before... popups and background and protection, but more specifics would help. For example, what do you want from the popups? What kinds of things have you seen on popups that you would like to have? It's better if we can do specific things than to just throw together a lot of stuff that you may never use.
Posted By: BabyBlueEyes

Re: Making a script - 15/12/06 07:53 PM

well i like to kid around alot with so many ppl ..
so i would like girl pop ups ...
like ... lots of flirting ones ...
and you know some of those picture ones ...
Some Insults ... And Hurts ... I use those too quite often ....
And I like ones that come in colored blocks that I can Add my own text ...
I like alot of those Food and Drink ones ...
Even the Alchol ones ...

Then a music system ...
something real simple ...
Im a fantasy person so i would like my script to be rather on a fantasy page ...
you know .. elves ... faries .. dragons ... things like that ...
Im a color person too ... I like alot of colorin on scripts ...
And yes good protection ... no back doors ...
and when someone prvts me i dont want them to just pop up in another window ...
i want them to all add up in alil box so i can say wether accept or decline

and thats all i can really think of at the moment ... hope thats enough info lol
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Making a script - 15/12/06 10:19 PM

Well, here is a start for you... the popups. I don't have time right now to try and do more, but maybe someone else can.

Those flirting, insults, etc. ones are very easy to set up. I'll give you a couple examples and you can just repeat those to create as many as you want.

menu channel,nicklist {
  Special Messages
  .Quotes:say $read(messages\quotes.txt)
  .$iif($1,Insult):say $1 $+ , $read(messages\insults.txt)
  .$iif($1,Flirt):say $1 $+ , $read(messages\flirts.txt)

What that will do is to make a menu item on the channel popup and nicklist popup called Special Messages. If you go to that item, you will see more items. The first one will appear for both channel and nicklist popups because it doesn't need to say a person's nick. It will just randomly read a quote from the file called quotes.txt that is in the messages folder. The next 2 will only appear from the nicklist. The $iif part checks to make sure there is a $1 (a nick is selected) and if there is, it will appear (this means it only appears on the nicklist popup). Those will then say the nick followed by a comma and then a random message from the appropriate text file.

Each text file should have one line per message and the messages should be shorter than about 400 characters. You can repeat this same thing for all types of messages you want to use. Use the format of the quotes line for things that you don't want to include the person's nick and use the format of the insult/flirt line if you do want to include the person's nick.

As a note, you can do special things with it as well. The obvious one would be to add color to it... just put color codes in there:
.$iif($1,Flirt):say 04 $+ $1 $+ , $read(messages\flirts.txt)

Also, if you want the nick to appear somewhere in the middle of a message, you can do this:
.$iif($1,Flirt):say $replace($read(messages\flirts.txt),#nick#,$1)

Then, in the text file, wherever you want the nick to appear, put #nick# -- for example:

Hey, #nick#! You're cute.


Anyhow, that is basically all you need for the popup stuff. They won't be too hard to set up... it just takes time to type all the lines in those files.

That will get you started.
Posted By: BabyBlueEyes

Re: Making a script - 15/12/06 10:40 PM

ummm ok ....
i have been using scripts for like 2 years now ...
and u know awl those codes and code talk?
yeah lol i dont know that stuff ...
and where do i do this?
and what do i use?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Making a script - 15/12/06 10:54 PM

Press Alt-R, then go to File > New. Paste it in there. These will work with whatever script(s) you're running now, but if you're making something new instead of using scripts already made, you may just want to start from a clean mIRC install and add these to that.
Posted By: BabyBlueEyes

Re: Making a script - 16/12/06 12:30 AM

well yeah ok i get that ...
so i start in a clean mirc ...
i get that perfectly ...
but you know i shoulda been born a blonde cuz im a ditz and it takes forever for me to get some thing
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Making a script - 16/12/06 12:49 AM

Hehe. Once you get started doing this, you'll start to pick it up. smile

Using a clean install of mIRC, open it up and press Alt-R. Then, if the displayed remote script isn't blank, go to File > New. *If it is a clean install and you haven't done any other scripts yet, it will be blank already and you won't need to do a new file.*

Then, paste in what I showed you. You can use the two options I gave (colors and having the nick shown within messages) if you want to.

Assuming you don't change anything, you will need to make a folder in mIRC's folder called Messages. Inside that folder, you'll create a text file called quotes.txt and put different quotes/sayings in it... one per line. You'll also create a text file called insults.txt and one called flirts.txt and will put insults and flirts in those files. Then, when you connect to a network and join a channel, you can use the right click menu to display those items. Try right clicking in a channel and choose quotes. Then, try right clicking on a nick and choose flirts or insults.

When done, you may want to go to File > Save As and save it with a filename that makes sense to you so you can easily find the right script from the View menu... if it's just called script1.mrc, then you won't know what is in it.
Posted By: BabyBlueEyes

Re: Making a script - 16/12/06 03:41 AM

lol omg do u have msn?
id love for u to be there while i did all this crap
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Making a script - 16/12/06 04:21 AM

Join the channel in my signature and send me a message.
Posted By: BabyBlueEyes

Re: Making a script - 16/12/06 04:30 AM

cant you just go to irc.icq.com in chatroom ?
my nick is warmsweetangel ...
i dont know how to git where u are ...
Posted By: BabyBlueEyes

Re: Making a script - 16/12/06 05:30 AM

you know im in ur room ...
listening to the crickets
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