Hm... maybe someone has a good suggestion for you. I personally don't know any that are really good ones for what it seems you are looking for.

However, if you know specific things in popups that you want to have, it would be easy for any of us to script you a popup script with everything you need/want. Backgrounds are also easy to do. And there are many good music playing scripts available as well that could be combined with the other stuff if needed. There are also some good scripts for protection available.

If no one here has a good suggestion for a script to match what you are looking for, then maybe someone (or some people) will write up the different parts that you want to have if you post the specific things that you'd like to have with as much information as you can provide. It doesn't sound like you necessarily need a full script with tons of features, such as Invision, so it shouldn't be too much work for people here to set you up with all the things you want.

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