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I said the scripts that are giving me the messege ...
1 Cuddles

I couldn't find this from a simple search, so can't comment.

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2 Jokerette

Which 1) comes as a .exe (which always makes me suspicious), although it's only an installer, and the virus scanner is happy enough, 2) violates the licence agreement by distributing mIRC6.14 and, worse, 3) packages a keygen along with it.

mIRC may only be distributed as part of the original mIRC install file as distributed by mIRC Co. Ltd. mIRC and the mIRC install file may not be distributed as a part of any package and may not be modified, decompiled, disassembled, or reverse engineered.

I didn't get any connection issues, but I only connected to a local server (/server

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3 Scoop

...which you said you didn't like, and it's riddled with backdoors, so we can ignore this one.

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4 Majik Knight Hood

Apparently spelt: Magick KnightHood

Another one that would seem to contain trojans and backdoors, from a quick google. (I didn't examine it myself, however)

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5 Rose Script

Found it on mircscripts.com - which, unlike the .org site of the same name, I don't think verifies its scripts for backdoors/trojans.

Another one that violates the licence agreement by packaging mIRC (version 6.01) (renamed) along with the script. Yet it advises you use the latest in the docs...

Contains an on connect to notify the author (or anyone who happens to be called Rinvi) that you are online.

Again, no problems connecting to my local server